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Question : How much is the maximun weight to sit on it?


PAPERplain : Our product is made of high strength and toughness kraft paper with special honeycomb regular hexagonal structure, bearing capacity up to 300kg/sq.m.


Question : Does it waterproof? 

PAPERplain : The Kraft paper has been treated to become water resistance but not waterproof, But it won’t damage if spill little water on it, please kindly wipe the water by towel or put it in a airy space to let it naturally before you use it again.


Question : How to Clean? 

PAPERplain : The goods can be cleaned with a clean, dry or slight wet towel or feather duster is a good option as well.

Besides, you can play it as the accordion, the dirt is gonna go down.
Basically there’s no need special care and cleaning if you keep it indoor.


Question : How long is the delivery time?


For items available in stock, the delivery will take around 5 ~ 7 days.

For PRE-ORDER Items are stocks which are not on hand and the waiting time is around 3 to 4 weeks to receive the items.

please note that the estimated delivery time is an estimate and that the time may vary depending on external factors that PAPERplain and its shipping partner cannot control.

These factors may include but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions, technical faults, customs delays, etc.

Please note that delivery times may be longer than usual during promotions. Packages are normally not transported during weekends and local holidays.


Question : Where can I view the product? Do you have any physical store? 

PAPERplain : We do have a homebased showroom where we welcome our customers to visit ad try out the product.

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